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 Joining form! Look first before posting!

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PostSubject: Joining form! Look first before posting!   Tue Dec 09, 2008 12:22 pm

This cLan are open for serious and friendly Gamers......Smile

Ânswer this questions and post an new topic!
Take the time! Smile

-+- InGame Name -+-
-+-Old clans or clubs-+-
-+- Real name? -+-
-+- What is ur age? -+-
-+- How many Time(s), Year(s) you pLay -+-
-+- Frequency of pLaying " Hour(s) per weeK " -+-^
-+-Where u from? -+-
-+- WHat languages u speak? -+-
-+- Why u wanna join us? -+-

-+- m@iL -+-
-+- XFire username -+-

After that add me in xfire : josefaliashero

*** When done, you will receive an answer from the Members of this clan and theyll try u out! ***
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Joining form! Look first before posting!
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